Raysearch.in - Human Resource Services

Bulk and Temporary Staffing

We provide end-to-end solutions in temporary staffing which include

  • On a short/extended time period to cope up with extra work loads, replacement for leave vacancies.
  • Keeping the employee on our payroll to work for the clients
  • Temporary-to-permanent Recruitment

Temporary Staffing may be your best option to enjoy the flexibility of building your staff without overloading company’s employees’ strength.

We can also provide you the services to plan your short term and project based staffing requirements

The options are always reserve with you to hire the temporary employee in your payroll depending on the performance of the employee.


We provide volume based hiring services, both permanent as well as Temporary for

  • Our client’s urgent need of the employees for a special project or expansion
  • To deal with the Turnkey Projects

Permanent Staffing

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Bulk and Temporary Staffing

We provide end-to-end solutions...

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